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"I would highly recommend Orin to any professional singer looking for help and guidance in improving their vocal health, range & technique.  After finishing a long contract at sea and having some vocal troubles, Orin really helped me and made me feel so at ease when I genuinely thought I might never sing again!  His techniques are some I’ve never been taught before with other vocal coaches and he has so many great hints and tips on maintaining great vocal health, all whilst being friendly and fun to work with."

Natalie Pilkington - Six  The Musical

"Orin’s vocal coaching has helped tremendously with our performers here at Valcato Entertainment.

You can tell that the techniques they have all been taught has had a positive impact on their vocal health and performance. We would highly recommend that all those wanting to improve their vocal technique, stamina and control book themselves in with Orin as he is fantastic at what he does."

Vicky Everall - Lazy Town UK Tour & Creative Director of Valcato Entertainment

"Highly Recommend! I have noticed such a difference in my voice since working with Orin, even from the very first lesson! I especially love all the vocal care and tips and techniques that help with longevity of your voice and taking proper care of it. I have noticed i am reaching much harder notes with ease and even when tired or not feeling my best his exercises and training help me to still perform to my best."

Hannah Thomas - UK’s leading Ariana Tribute Act

"Having worked with Orin for the past two years with him doing our vocal arrangements for our Team shows, he has been very helpful and professional. He has made the team comfortable throughout the process, with them showing noticeable improvement after just 1 vocal session. He is firm but also fair in the way he teaches making him very approachable. I would highly recommend Orin to anyone who wishes to improve on their singing ability and technique."

Georgia Bowers - Entertainments Manager

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